Road Trip to Alabama

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Road Trip to Alabama Empty Road Trip to Alabama

Post  kchad on Wed Mar 28, 2012 4:56 pm

I might drive from Maine to the store in Alabama.
Who wants to share gas costs. Looking to fill my Cherokee with Garands & Kommandos.

I am thining a cannon ball run style road straight thru, shop, buy, head home.
Anyone interested?

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Road Trip to Alabama Empty Re: Road Trip to Alabama

Post  smuglianka on Wed Mar 28, 2012 5:18 pm

What part of AL? I just moved back to AZ from living in AL for a while, ha. I was up in Fort Payne and Birmingham. The Police range in Fort Payne is super nice, and open to the public from early in the morning to 3P on weekends if you want a good place to shoot.

Oh, and if I might suggest a few places to go... Fort Payne has a really cool gun shop owned by a really cool and mysterious old man who flies WWII planes. He's got some old 1970s-1990s import non-refurbished nuggets in there, and usually has cool trade ins like $500 Polytechs or $300 West German 226s. Not to mention all the antiques, uniforms, and just random surplus stuff. Only regret is that I never bought his big tub of 9,000 or so 7.62x51 links before I left.

Second place is Southern Firearms Appraisals, they always seem to have really good prices and REALLY good items. Think of JP Sauer 7.65 pistols for $160, .308 Galils for $1200, just a couple things they had last time I was there. A really nice bunch of older guys who really know their stuff and are good to pick brains with.

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