Selling a few guns

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Selling a few guns

Post  chazbotic on Tue Aug 14, 2012 10:21 am

All are C&R:

Make: Maltby

Model: Lee-Enfield Rifle Number 4 Mark 1/2

Caliber: .303 British

Location (city or county): Concord, CA

Price: $250

Will ship (Y/N): Yes, $25 extra to lower 48.

Other info: Manufactured: 1942

FTR in 1951, re-arsenaled in 1956 with new stock. Full markings "No4MK1/2(F)FTR /51 Y12906", stock marked 1956 M47C, barrel band marked C.E.W. for C.E. Welstead in Croydon, Broad Arrow marked barrel, bolt, receiver, stock, buttplate, barrel, safety. Barrel marked ".303 "2.22" 18.5 TONS". Bolt body marked with "X", bolt head marked "2" for headspace. Somewhat short LOP on the stock. I'll include a surplus british sling, but the rifle does not have any sling swivels. Bore is in good condition, strong rifling with little throat and no muzzle erosion.

Make: Ɓucznik Arms Factory (Radom)

Model: Model W (Wojskowy) P-64

Caliber: 9x18mm Makarov

Location (city or county): Concord, CA

Price: $250

Will ship (Y/N): Yes, to your local FFL.

Other info: Manufactured: 1974
Comes with 2 magazines, the holster, and a cleaning tool. Pistol is a police issue trade in that was carried a lot and shot little. the bore is bright and clean.

Make: Remington

Model: US Rifle M1903A3

Caliber: .30-06 Springfield

Location (city or county): Concord, CA

Price: $700 or best offer.

Will ship (Y/N): Yes, $25 for lower 48 states.

Other info: Manufactured: November 1943

US Ordnance markings on left front sight hood, barrel. Remington "R" mark is on Stock, barrel, and front sight hood. left hand side of stock is marked IRA in a box and has a "circle P" mark behind the trigger guard on the bottom. other inspection marks are slightly forward of the magazine plate. bolt handle is marked "X" on top and "I" on bottom. bolt head has no markings. Right side of reciever has no relief hole. Left side of receiver has relief hold. Receiver is not tapped for scope mount.

Includes a 1907 leather sling. Looks authentic and has GI markings, but unsure if just a good reproduction.


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