Read/Watch this before you fuck with your Garand. [Small user guide, made for /k/ommandos by /k/ommandos]

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Read/Watch this before you fuck with your Garand. [Small user guide, made for /k/ommandos by /k/ommandos] Empty Read/Watch this before you fuck with your Garand. [Small user guide, made for /k/ommandos by /k/ommandos]

Post  TheRealSocks on Fri Jul 06, 2012 9:41 pm

So you want to order a M1 Garand? Or did you just receive one?

Either way, I'm posting a small guide that should help you if you have not been exposed to M1's, or to basic firearms shit.

First off, you should know how the M1 works. This video is 1940's propaganda but is the easiest way to understand how the Garand operates. It was designed to teach illiterate farmer boys from Alabama how the rifle works, you should be able to understand the principles pretty easily.
Video: M1 Garand - Principles of Operation (1943) United States Rifle, Caliber .30, M1

Once you've ordered and received your rifle, you should disassemble it. This goes for any fire arm. Oil where metal touches metal, and make sure to keep important parts gunk free. Here's how to disassemble and reassemble your rifle. The guy in the video is taking it a little too serious but it's a good learning tool.
Video: Basic Firearms Disassembly #4: M1 Garand semiautomatic rifle

30-06 ammo is definitely not the cheapest ammo out there, by far. The CMP offers a great resource for cheap ammo, about 100$ for 200 rounds of old Greek surplus. That's the best deal I've found so far, but hopefully there will be more someday. Anyways, a major concern for the M1 is most will not be able to handle newer modern loads of 30-06, and may fuck up your rifle. And your hands/arms/face. The best and easiest fix for this is an adjustable gas valve. If you don't believe that this can fuck up your rifle, here's a little proof: garandgear
Here's a nice one for a decent price: look on midway usa for schuster-dcm-adjustable-gas-plug

To get the most accuracy out of your rifle, you should probably watch this attached video. Chances are if you get a "Rack grade" the rifle will shoot better than you. Here's some more friendly WW2 propaganda, but teaches you exactly how they taught infantry back in the day. (Note: This is a two part video and very long. Think of it as Magpul dynamics, 1940's style. I really suggest you watch this)
Video: Rifle Marksmanship with the M1 Rifle 1942 Part 1

There will be more to come with this thread, but as of now I'm out of ideas. If the Admin can sticky this it would be great, and any input on topics to add would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!

EDIT: I will be adding these videos URL's and URL's to the external websites soon. For some reason I can not and I'm getting an error message saying I'm too new of a member. Sorry for that guys.

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